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About our mission
To improve audio and video communication technologies, focusing on the search and implementation of effective and in-demand
Novacord is a German company specializing in the development and production of professional cable products for audio–video commutation. The company started its journey as a design bureau for creating cables for specific customer tasks, specializing in unique solutions. Having partnered with one of the largest German factories, we have produced our solutions for customer needs. Thus, we could accompany the order from the creation of the cable to the shipment of the finished solution to the customers.
In 2021, the company decided to produce and promote the cables under its own brand, for this purpose a rebranding was carried out - "Novacord" acquired a new face and new goals. Thanks to the accumulated experience and high level of technical specialists and engineers, the company was able to establish cable production in factories in China according to European quality and safety standards. The company also opened a representative office in Hong Kong, which allowed us to significantly expand production capabilities and assortment in such segments as: audio-video cables, hybrid-optical cables, connectors, professional
speaker systems.

We have rebranded our company, tried to put a new meaning into the name and logo. Novacord consists of two parts "Nova" and "Сord".
  • Nova - is the value of a new star, whose luminosity suddenly increases.
  • Cord - means cable, the main direction of our activity.
By combining these concepts, we clearly show our plans for the future development of the company.

We combined images in the logo of a flying star and a cable view in cross section. You can look at the logo from different angles and see both the cable and the star at the same time.
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