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Our main areas of activity
All cables are custom designed. The technical design of the individual cable types and the choice of materials react to the rigors of everyday stage work to the same degree as the high-end demands of recording studios.

Ready made cables

We can offer you such a great variety of ready-made cables regarding form, function, flexibility and price that everybody will find the suitable product meeting his expectations.

Customized solutions

You couldn't find your desired cable in our assortment? Contact your favourite dealer and explore the possibilities of Novacord. We offer special constructions for special applications.
About us
Novacord is a German company specializing in the development and production of professional cable products for audio–video commutation. The company started its journey as a design bureau for creating cables for specific customer tasks, specializing in unique solutions. Having partnered with one of the largest German factories, we have produced our solutions for customer needs. Thus, we could accompany the order from the creation of the cable to the shipment of the finished solution to the customers.

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