Novacord X-PRO-50 0.9/2.95 ST FRNC-С

Coaxial Cable with stranded tinned copper inner conductor and PE dielectric. The coaxial cable is perhaps the most common, basic and easy-to-understand cables. Basically, this
cable is used to transmit electrical energy or signals, from one location to another, to connect a source to a load, such as a transmitter to an antenna.

No. of Cores: 1

Type of conductor: Stranded

Conductor Material: Tinned OFC

Strands: 19/0.18 mm

Insulation Material: PE

Insulation Diameter: 2,95 ±0.1 mm

Shield: Braid

Shield Material: Tinned OFC

Covering: 93%

Jacket Material: FRNC-C, IEC 60332-3-24

Jacket Color: Black, RAL9005

Overall diameter: 4,95 ±0.2 mm