Novacord HD PRO 0.6/2.8 AF FRNC

Video cables are primary used in closed circuit TV systems and in several studio applications for transmission of image signals. For analogue and digital video signals (Composite, Component, SDI, SDV, SDTI, HDTV).Cable designed to avoid the release of toxic matter in case of fire because they don not contain any halogens.

Cross Sec. Area: 0.28 mm2

Type RG: mini-RG59

No. of Cores: 1

Type of conductor: Solid

Strands: 1/0.6±0.02 mm

Insulation Material: Foam PE

Insulation Diameter: 2.8 ±0.1 mm

Shield 1: Aluminum foil

Shield 2: Braid

Shield 2 Material: Tinned OFC

Covering: 80%

Jacket Material: FRNC/LSZH

Jacket Color: Black, RAL9005

Overall diameter: 4.5±0.2 mm