Novacord Star Quad 4x0,20 FRNC-C

Ideal for connecting any devices. Excellent flexibility makes  the NOVCORD cable ideal for concerts and press conferences.  The cable design avoids problems associated with cable sealing and provides reliable protection against electromagnetic noise Cable jacket avoids the release of toxic matter in case of fire because they don not contain any halogens.
Construction Details

Construction Details

Cross Sec. Area: 0.20 mm2

No. of Cores: 4 cores

Type of conductor: Stranded

Insulation Material: PE

Insulation Diameter: 1.3 ±0.1 mm

Filler: Cotton yarn

Shield: Paper tape

Shield: Braid

Shield Material: Tinned copper

Covering: 95%

Jacket Material: FRNC-C, IEC 60332-3-24

Jacket Color: Black, RAL9005

Overall diameter: 6.0±0.2 mm, AWG24